Just trying to bring the shit from inside my head out into the physical world in any form I can manage.

I co-founded the organic cannabis company Raven and have created anything you read, see, or hear about us. I’m passionate about building brand rhetoric outside of the expectations of capitalist marketing manipulations, and believe in truth and transparency in all the ways we communicate with you. I believe in the power of empowerment through education. This only is made possible if we agree to communicate with one another honestly, removing profit as our primary motivation and replacing it with the prioritization of equity and the elevation of our shared human experience. If this sounds like something you would like to incorporate into the way your own business operates, please reach out. I would love to create a voice and visual language that’s true to your mission as well.

I was trained as a fashion, accessories, and footwear designer, and worked for Madewell designing shoes and soft accessories before moving into the cannabis space. My previous career background has provided me with an understanding of and exposure to an incredible breadth of visual sensibilities and hand construction techniques that continue to inform my explorations into modalities of creation beyond two dimensional works.