Had dreams of Minnie Riperton's lion.
 there was no lion in this dream
 I dreamt we were fighting.
 I dreamt he found us, and I could not fly us away. These are just dreams.
 I dreamt about the dead rabbit from your story. We wondered if you smiled like that at everyone.
 I dreamt that Kanye killed the president. it was his plan the whole time. he went on dick caveat to tell us all about it. we were all just so relieved it was over. i’m sorry, i can’t control these dreams.
 In my dream I snuck into your orange cinder block stay smoke motel room when you were not there. I heard your lock behind me just as I found what I had come in there looking for. I had my hands on it. I thought I woke myself up— after you saw me, but before you had a chance to say anything you may have wanted to; before i knew if you were going to be awful or sweet. The day I woke up you were in my phone from 4 states away, “What if I came back”. I woke up and now I can’t even remember what I went in your room looking for in the first place.
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